Top Priority-Citizen Involvement, Input, and Feedback 

For a community to continuously improve and flourish, it requires the collective voice of EVERYONE within our community. That is why greatly improving communications between citizens and our local government is one of my top priorities as Village Trustee.

Numerous residents have voiced concerns about Village Board decisions made which affect the community as a whole. Residents feel that decisions are being decided in a one-sided manner by the Village Board and affiliates. Many residents have brought their concerns to the Village Board and have been reproached. I believe that resident input on issues concerning the Village they within, should ALWAYS be encouraged, listened to with the intent to understand, considered, highly valued, respected, and factored into every decision made by the Village Board. 

Citizens can and should come together to talk about what matters to them and then work with local government to successfully change the community. 

I am committed to listening to citizens with the intent of understanding, as I’ve been doing with citizens reaching out to me with questions/concerns throughout my campaign. When I say “understanding”, it means putting significant and deep personal investment into focusing on another human being. Through empathic listening I strive to understand the issues, goals and aspirations of all Village of Antioch citizens.