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I, Petrina Burman, am running for office of Village Trustee on April 6th to provide the citizens of Antioch with a strong, principled voice in local government.

Petrina was raised and has lived in the area her entire life. She has been married for 8 years to Joe, a third-generation plumber. They own and operate R.L. Burman Plumbing which has been in operation for over 100 years. Petrina and Joe have one son, who attends an Antioch public school. Petrina is proud to raise her family in such a proud, diverse & hard-working community. 


Why I'm Running

I am running for Village of Antioch Trustee to be a strong voice for the people of this town. I want to make sure your voices are heard. That requires standing up against the one-sided decision making, personal agendas, and the divide that has been place upon our Village Board.

A Divided Village Board

Division of our current Village Board is the most significant issue facing the Village of Antioch. The divide of our Village Board significantly affects their productivity and decision-making, drives away opportunities for our town and residents, and erodes citizen confidence.

Healthy, productive disagreements are acceptable and are to be expected within any municipal governing body. Village officials cannot be expected to agree on all issues all of the time (that’s why there’s more than one trustee). Disagreements among a Village Board become unacceptable when particular Village officials and closely selected associated staff form an alliance with the main purpose of bullying, humiliating and silencing board members who have questioned their unethical behaviors and decisions. Why are some Village Board members being forced into silence for doing their job and doing what’s right for our Village and citizens? Ask and you shall not receive an answer.

This is very concerning to me and residents of Antioch should be very concerned about this too. A divided Village Board can quickly develop a negative public reputation and that would be dysfunctional. Once labeled as dysfunctional, there’s a good chance that financial consequences closely follow. Financial consequences will cause our our community to miss out on economic opportunities. What business wants to deal with an unpredictable environment and a dysfunctional municipal government?  

Economic Development Funding

I am also very concerned with the way our Village is funding economic development. In 2019, a community vision survey was conducted and residents voiced the need for more stores. That was two years ago and yet small business grants continually focus on restaurants. Now authorized an agreements have been made with two marketing firms. Resident voices continue to go unheard despite past attempts made by the Village to obtain input from its citizens. Will this be another case of spending tax payer money only to have citizen voices go unheard once again?   

Small business grants and funding should not favor restaurants. Small business grants and funding should also not be used for personal/financial gain by key Village officials, and especially not for bragging rights by Village officials. Residents are fed up with watching certain Village officials patting themselves on the back and repeatedly telling citizens what a “good job” they’ve done. Residents are tired of having their intelligence insulted.

Does the Village of Antioch consist only of the downtown area?

No, it doesn’t. So why are our neighborhoods being neglected?

Why are our streets crumbling before our eyes, why are our Village owned parks that our children play at deteriorating (while being maintained by residents)? 

Let’s not forget our underdeveloped infrastructure that can barely keep up with our population increase. Maybe the Village should consider conducting a community survey to find out how many residents have had flooding and damage caused to their homes.

New Leadership

To put it simply, our town needs new leadership and we’ve need it for quite sometime now. Until the divide down our Village Board has been dealt with and rectified, our Village Board will remain unable to act in the best interest of its citizens and will continue to stunt the growth of our town and the futures of our children. 

How do I Plan on Dealing with These Issues?

How do I plan on dealing with these issues? I’ll start at the root of the problem and that requires winning a particular incumbent seat.

I will vote to ensure that small business grants are granted in a fair and ethical manner to help local small businesses and our community as a whole. Voting on my behalf will ALWAYS reflect the best interest of our citizens, not self-serving Village officials.

We CANNOT allow this charming, historic town we call home slip away from us. Change comes to all communities, it’s necessary to prosper and we must not be left behind. That change requires removing Village leaders who repeatedly chose to use poor judgement and make bad choices. They are  destroying the confidence our citizens, fighting positive change. Positive change should be based on the terms of citizens, not politicians. 

We can do better, we can ALWAYS do better. I am a new voice for the people and that is why I am asking for your support and your vote on Tuesday, April 6th. Thank you!


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